Episode 2: Vestron Video

Ep. 2: Vestron Video. On the second episode, Michael Ferrari (Cinema Du Meep) chats with his pal and co-host of the Retro Movie Love Podcast producer Ben Raphael Sher (Eli Roth’s History of Horror) about their mutual love for the VESTRON VIDEO label of the 1980s. Ben dives deep into the basement of his VideoContinue reading “Episode 2: Vestron Video”

Episode 1: Alex Ross Perry

Ep.1: Alex Ross Perry. On the very first episode of the podcast, Michael Ferrari (Retro Movie Love, Cinema Du Meep) chats with his friend Filmmaker Alex Ross Perry (Her Smell, Golden Exits, Listen Up Philip) about their days working together at the infamous Kim’s Video in New York City as well as other Video StoreContinue reading “Episode 1: Alex Ross Perry”